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* UnMothered is a term I use to describe a woman who does not feel she was mothered well, had a mother figure in her life or was well cared for as a child.

Welcome to a transformational way of healing the Mother Wound

I am Briony Montgomery, 20 years ago I began building a pathway to healing the trauma and pain from my childhood, what I created was a roadmap for healing the Mother Wound.

In this map, I have also created a pathway to healing trauma, disease, and oppression in my inherited ancestral MotherLine

This wound is a spilt that occurs in our childhood at a soul level, where core parts of who we are that don’t fit the ‘norm’ become exiled, creating anxiety, shame, depression, self-doubt and a sense we are not enough.

The Mother Wound is the partial consequence of a Patriarchal culture, trauma, oppression, a painful wound passed through our ancestral MotherLine from Mother (even Father) to Daughter. Part culture dismantling, spiritual awakening, and practicality, this work is revolutionary in how we support ourselves as womxn and mothers.

This pathway to healing the Mother Wound for UnMothered women is deeply transformational inner work that focuses on Remothering the self and growing into the Archetypal Mother. It centres on the womxn being the central axis from which her whole community, children, and life orbit around. It is the work of restoring the Matriarch within.

Are you ready to connect and root yourself into your power, potential, and Belonging?

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If you are new here begin with checking out my BLOG for inspiration and thought-provoking articles. THE (re)SOURCED WOMAN PODCAST series weaving stories and wisdom around connection and (re)Sourcing yourself within. My ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS, where you can begin on your journey Reclaim your power. If you are ready to work with your Inner Mother, your Sovereign power then THE MOTHER CIRCLES is for you, or if you are ready to find your power and heal the wounds that are keeping you stuck then THE MOTHERWAY COURSE is for you. There are resources and recommended books available at the BOOKSHOP or you can email me any questions HERE


A healing journey that takes you from your Wounded-ness into your Warrior-ess, reclaiming your power, potential, and Belonging.


Created for women who are ready to reconnect with their resources within, who they innately are and reclaim what they long to live.


Comprehensive how-to Ebook in cleansing your space, body, min d and spirit of negative and stuck energy


 When I had my first session with Briony, I walked in with no expectations  full of wonder as I didn’t know what I was going to experience, or how it would all work on me. I left feeling deeply moved & incredibly inspired to continue on the journey of healing & self empowerment.

Now I have been seeing Briony over the past 6 months, the benefits are immense. She is so incredibly intuitive & really provokes her clients to look deeply within themselves. To take action to break old patterns of behaviour & thinking that no longer serves them. Through her wisdom & encouragement, I have been taking active steps to grow, evolve & not be hindered from the fear & pain of past experiences. Briony was born to be a healer, her skills are profound. Her sensitivity is acute. I feel so nourished & fulfilled from the sessions I receive from her. I am honoured to continue on this path of evolution with her as my facilitator

Satya James, Owner & Fashion Designer, Satya James Boutique

Satya James, Owner & Fashion Designer , Satya James Boutique

Briony’s Intuitive Healing Session was exactly that! Before I had even walked into her space she had already tuned in and meditated, having a real insight before any dialogue between us had even started. This created a beautiful feeling of security and assurance and took so much of the needing to “tell my story” out of the healing. I feel that I have gained a lot of clarity and focus since my meeting with Briony… there is still much work to be done but she helped me draw attention to certain aspects of my journey that require a specific and more immediate focus. I would recommend Briony to anyone that is looking for a safe and nurturing healing session. She has been given a truly divine gift and I feel very blessed to have come into contact with her incredible abilities and intuition.

Corina Slack, Byron Bay

Corina Slack, Byron Bay, Corina Slack, Byron Bay

Guided, supported, and held online. The Mother Circles is a 6-week women’s circle where we gather to develop self-compassion, weave story and mythology connecting to the Archetypal Mother. Each circle is woven with somatic and embodied practice, sharing, and exploring ways we can nourish, support, and accept who we are, where we come from, and the potential of our beings.


Join me on a journey to find your Belonging.  This 4-month private 1:1 mentorship is a powerful journey of self-discovery and the foundational journey integral to connecting with your personal power.    During this program I will be guiding you in healing your ancestral wounds, conditioning and belief system of who you are and where you have come from, cellular level up.

If you feel called this is deep work for those who are ready to commit to their healing journey.

Limited spots are available.

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