We are in a time of mass global evolution. A shake that is creating an awakening effect. Like any awakening experience, there will be those that will enter with fear. Overwhelm and panic. There once reliable and predictable reality now uncertain and in chaos.

What I know of anxiety is that when panic is activated we go about trying to control what is left to control. You can see this trigger happening in supermarkets, public settings and angry voices in communities that are scared. Some with a very self-focused approach, when we are tested our true nature and that which we have kept hidden from ourselves and the world arises. With it brings shame and shut down.

What we are witnessing in the works right now with the arrival of COVID-19 is a huge elevation in consciousness. We are being asked who we are. What we want. How we walk to embody this. And that every action has a reaction, we are all so intimately connected.

If you know anything about your immune system you will know that stress and anxiety put a massive strain on our system and we need a robust and healthy immune system if we come into contact with COVID-19.

Worrying and panicking is doing nothing but creating more stress and panic, the cycle goes round and round.

Right now we need calm. Discerning information we are reading, hearing and seeing. A clear and connected path within, rooted and grounded into the source of where come from, earth. We need to be aware of how we are responding here, and responsible with what we are weaving into the global collective, are we reacting to the fear or responding to the facts. As community members are we thinking and supporting each other or choosing to continue to endanger and act irresponsibly.

Personally, as a family we have chosen to self-isolate, pull back from activities, school and home school gatherings. Limit our public contact in all ways we can. We are stocking our pantry mindfully. For me, my practice right now is to stay grounded and rested. There is no use buying into the hysteria. I know this is an evolutionary experience, we are in the midst of mass spiritual awakenings that are calling for us to step up. I believe these will continue to happen until the majority of our global population becomes connected within and with each other. The time of the lone wolf is long gone, as a collective, we need to rise together.

I will be holding anchor here in my corner of the world. Looking after my family and community. Praying for yours and offering what I can to remind you of your light and incredible inner power.

Some quick practise reminders that will support you at this time

:: Ground into the earth daily. You can use my guided grounding meditation, a powerful and beautiful daily practice. You can find it at https://brionymontgomery.com/product/grounding-into-the-earth-meditation/

:: Rest as much as you can.

:: Witness your feelings as they arise. They are not permanent parts of you but energy that flows. Allow them to flow, journal, dance, witness them so they don’t lodge in your body

:: Self-isolate if you can as much as you can to protect other community members

:: Don’t overbuy on supermarket products, remember if you feel the need to buy you are feeding your anxiety and overwhelm which will perpetuate and increase. Be mindful and centred before purchasing.

:: Be kind to yourself. This is an incredibly massive shift for everyone. Take the time to nourish yourself. Slow things down and fill your well with love and kindness. Seek the support you need, eat clean food if you can, do things that you love and again increase your rest.

This will be-come our new norm. Be safe and well. Look after yourself and each other.

I can be contacted at support@brionymontgomery.com

Much love
Briony xxx