Private Mentorship

Heal Inherited Ancestral Wounds. Transform beliefs that are keeping you stuck and in pain. Claim who you are and your Belonging

What is my Mentorship Program?

My Mentorship Program is a dive deep into who you are and where you come from. It is a transformational journey where you are guided to explore the foundations that have created you. From your family of origin, values, ideas and cultural ideas and ways that influence you still today.
In this private 1:1 journey, you will be taken through the energy centres of your body with a focus on healing deep wounds and trauma, reconciliation of the parts within you that have been exiled or lost. Reclaiming what you have visioned for yourself and how to manifest that in your reality.

This is a commitment to your own self-growth that will transcend you through limiting thoughts, ideas and ways that are keeping you stuck.

Who is this for?

Women who feel that they don’t recognise themselves anymore, having journeyed through a situation, relationship, experience or relationship where they have lost themselves.

Women who have been playing on the sidelines of life for too long. Have forgotten who they are or even how to find themselves and what they long for. 

The women called to this work have a deep calling within to bring a gift or even themselves into the world.

The burning and yearning to fulfil this calling intense and unshakeable. 

Ready to embrace who they are but not sure where to start, working 1:1 in my Mentorship Program will bring you into that deep embrace with who you are giving you not just the next step but an entire pathway of next steps.  

How it works

We will be working closely together for 3 months, weekly with one-on-one sessions.

Each week we will be meeting via Zoom, these sessions are where you will have personal access to my wisdom, teachings, and capacity as a healer and Spiritual Master. These sessions are profound and will be the starting point for the week’s practise and teachings.

You will have reading, practices and reflections to do outside of our weekly calls. These play an important part in this journey so are essential to complete each week. 

You will have contact with me through a shared document exchange, which is where we will connect daily.

Access to meditations, visualisations, practices that have been created for this work. Channelled practices, tools, and ancient teachings.

This is a deep and transformative program that requires your full commitment to participate in

Please Note that my Private Mentorship intake has limited places. Due to the depth and nature of the work they are by application only, if you are interested and want to submit an application please fill it out here
If you are interested and have some questions you can email me here. After I have received your Application I will contact you to book a half-hour Zoom Session to go through the particulars of the Mentorship and answer any questions you may have


 I highly recommend Briony and the amazing energy she puts into her work. I always felt very held and nurtured in her sessions and her insights are very accurate.

Each time before a healing I was aware that changes had to happen in my day to day life. Briony gave me very clear direction, strength or confirmed what had to be set in to motion to be transformed. It took a few weeks to integrate and reflect on what happened but I can see that each time I have been encouraged to stand in my strength and trust the path that unfolds for me. feel highly blessed to have crossed with her on my path of discovery of self. Thank you so much, Briony !

Franziska Stahman, Creator, Heavens Touch Essences

Franziska Stahman, Creator , Heavens Touch Essences

This is for you if

  • feel called to make changes from the inside out, in accordance with your desires, path, purpose, and lessons
  • are ready to follow your own guidance and trust in the unfolding of your path and purpose – which can’t be rushed or forced and is rarely logical
  • take self-responsibility for your progress, your energy, your choices, and actions.
  • recognise yourself as a powerful co-creator in your own life, and within these sessions with me.
  • wanting to heal inherited ancestral wounds and trauma 
  • ready to find and claim your Belonging
  • long to connect to the power and wisdom of your body 

I love working with people ready to step into their truth, reclaim their power and live their potential. Are ready to do the inner work to bring your light to the fore and radiate it for all to see. 


I consulted with Briony three times to help with healing after an illness. I had an open mind, but was not ‘a believer’ as such. Now, I’m an absolute convert. I am so glad I went to see Briony. The sessions were very intense and emotional. It was a confronting experience in many ways but she helped to elicit emotions I had unknowingly been suppressing. After a period of post-session rawness, I’d feel stronger, lighter more energetic and more optimistic than I felt before and I was able to re-identify with my pre-illness self. I know from experience Briony has the gift, but she also has a supportive, reassuring manner and successfully ‘held’ me during our sessions.

Samantha Leader, Mullumbimby, Australia

Samantha Leader, Samantha Leader

Your Investment

My private mentorship is the next level in your soul’s journey. It requires a deep commitment from you and working privately 1:1 with me for 3 months is reflected in the financial investment. For Further information APPLY HERE

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